Features For Retail Shop Software


Shows you how to enter your company name and logo
How to enter Categories of Product items
Create multiple users
How to enter Product items with their selling price unit
Click here to view how to Fix Prices for goods

Sales Transactions

Cash Sales
Credit Sales
How to give discount to individuals
How to print Reciepts for customers(Both using thermal printer and normal printer)
Print various report on sales done for a period of time
Click here to View some features on Cash/Credit Sales View sample of Receipt from the printer

Stock/Inventory Management

How to enter New Stock
Update existing stock
Stock automatically update when sales are made
Report to show check stock value
Report to show Stock movement over a period of time
Check some features and reports on Stocks Management


Create names of Suppliers
How to enter Credit Purchase
How to enter Cash Purchase
payables to Suppliers
track purchases for each supplier
Generate reports for each supplier to show payables and outstanding balance
Click here to Check some features on Credit/Cash Purchases


Create a list of customers who normally buys on credit
credit payment made by each debtor
track amount paid and outstanding balance for each debtor
Generate report to show all amount outstanding


Cash and bank Transaction
General Ledger
Income/Expenditure report
View sample of Income/Expenses of the software