Features For Retail Shop Software

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Shows you how to enter your company name and logo
How to enter Categories of Product items
Create multiple users
Fix both cost and selling price of items
How to set discount for items being sold Click here

Sales Transactions

Cash Sales
Credit Sales
How to generate report to show items sold for a period of time
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Stock/Inventory Management

How to enter new stock
How to update Stock
How to generate a report to show stock Movement
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With this software,you don't need to bother yourself on how to truck your suppliers,the amount your business owns them and payment than so far.
with a click you can see your cash and credit purchaases,you can also
generate various reports to make a conclusive analysis
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Create a list of customers who normally buys on credit at your business
You can enter all payment made by your debtors into the software
Generate report to show all amount outstanding from your debtors
This will prevent uneccessary argument and doubt click here


Cash and bank Transaction
General Ledger
Income/Expenditure report
View sample of Income/Expenses of the software